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An elevator pitch list

If any of these catch your fancy (people say that, right?), you might want to read more of this site...

  • recovering perfectionist
  • at-home dad of four kids (gender role issues, anyone?)
  • Scott Sigler fan
  • has three daughters (no purgatory time for me!)
  • tuba player
  • former teacher and Youth Minister
  • ridiculously handsome...
    • physique (no)
    • bank account (nope)
    • knowledge of Star Trek (yep)
  • ran the fish department of a mall Doctor Pet Center (do they still exist?)
  • trained singer
  • former Visa check card Dispute Resolution Specialist (aka cubicle monkey)
  • two Master's Degrees... in Philosophy and Theology (highly marketable)
  • lady killer (ok, not so much)

He doesn’t suck.
— Julie Harrington, Wife